Winners of the Spring 2016 #NewASH

Again, thank you so much for your participation, and congratulations to the following winners! Winners of the New Adult Scavenger Hunt team prize packs will have received an email from newadultscavengerhunt (at) gmail (dot) com. Winners of any additional author giveaways can contact that author if they have not already contacted you.

BLUE TEAM : Rachael T.
Total : 120

RED TEAM : Shanna L.
Total : 117

Total : 235


Suzanne van Rooyen: Chris P.

Nadine Nightingale: Tanja J.

A.G. Howard: Agus Z. (Heart Locket), Bianca K. (Art Print), Gabriella M. (The Architect of Song Poster)

RaShelle Workman: Rebecca

Jessica Ruddick: bn100

Stacey Mosteller: Jo Anne Potter V.

Jessica Gunn: Melissa P.

Nicki Elson: Lisa C.

Sophie Davis: Katie T. (Signed Paperback of The Syndicate), Dani W. (Signed Paperback of The Syndicate), Lisa C. (Signed paperback of Talented), Julie O. (Signed paperback of Talented)

Pat Esden: Everyone who entered the giveaway on Pat Esden’s blog is a winner! Be sure to leave your contact information on her winner’s post.

Amanda Heger: Tammy V.

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