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Countdown to NewASH: D. L. Pitchford (@dlpitchford)

There is only 2 more days until the start of the New Adult Scavenger Hunt. Meet the authors participating in the hop during the Countdown to NewASH, then come December 26th, join us for the big event for a chance to win awesome books and other prizes!

YA and NA author D. L. Pitchford is best known for her brutally honest stories and realistic characters.

Throughout her childhood, art and literature were encouraged in every form. Pitchford fell in love with The Lord of the Rings, The Dark Is Rising, and Harry Potter. By age ten, she wrote her first fantasy book. Her love of writing grew exponentially.

In 2013, Pitchford received her BA in English, Writing, and Fine Arts from Drury University. During her studies, she focused on the human condition and penned the first scenes of her debut novel. IF WE HAD NO WINTER released April 2017 and has been commended for its gritty tone and character growth.

Pitchford lives with her husband and two sons in Springfield, Missouri, where she continues writing young and new adult novels.

Describe your novel in 3 words?

Snark, tears, and steam.

What inspired your novel?

IF WE HAD NO WINTER is a story I wrote to show a realistic portrayal of college. University life isn’t all keg parties and football games, and I wanted to demonstrate potential difficulties most people don’t tell you about before you attend college.

What is your favorite winter tradition?

One of my favorite things is curling up in the light of a fire with homemade hot cocoa and a nice puzzle. It’s the ultimate form of relaxation. 🙂

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