Scavenger Hunt News

Happy New Year! Winners of the Winter 2019 New Adult Scavenger Hunt!

Hope you all are having a wonderful New Year! Thank you so much for your participation, and congratulations to the following winners! The winner of the New Adult Scavenger Hunt prize pack (7 Kindle Books) will receive an email from newadultscavengerhunt (at) gmail (dot) com later today. Winners of any additional author giveaways can contact that author if they have not already contacted you.

NewAsh Grand Prize: BN100

Keta Diablo: Karen

Other News:

Unfortunately, because of changes to my work schedule and that the New Adult Scavenger Hunt is organized only by one person, there are going to be some changes coming this 2020. First, the New Adult Scavenger Hunt will be held annually rather than biannually next year on November 25th-29th. As you might have noticed, fewer authors are participating the past couple years. I had hoped to increase participation by switching from paperback to kindle book (per requests of authors and survey results), but that didn’t work as well as I hoped. So, I will be reanalyzing participation as well and seeing if it’s worth continuing the Scavenger Hunt in 2021.

I will also be cutting down Author Opportunities in the New Adult Scavenger Hunt Authors’ Corner. I will keep the New Release posts, but will be terminating the Facebook Group and Sale Promotion Opportunities.

Thank you for your understanding. I enjoy holding the New Adult Scavenger Hunt and hope to continue to do so.

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