Winners of the Spring 2016 #NewASH

Again, thank you so much for your participation, and congratulations to the following winners! Winners of the New Adult Scavenger Hunt team prize packs will have received an email from newadultscavengerhunt (at) gmail (dot) com. Winners of any additional author giveaways can contact that author if they have not already contacted you.

BLUE TEAM : Rachael T.
Total : 120

RED TEAM : Shanna L.
Total : 117

Total : 235


Suzanne van Rooyen: Chris P.

Nadine Nightingale: Tanja J.

A.G. Howard: Agus Z. (Heart Locket), Bianca K. (Art Print), Gabriella M. (The Architect of Song Poster)

RaShelle Workman: Rebecca

Jessica Ruddick: bn100

Stacey Mosteller: Jo Anne Potter V.

Jessica Gunn: Melissa P.

Nicki Elson: Lisa C.

Sophie Davis: Katie T. (Signed Paperback of The Syndicate), Dani W. (Signed Paperback of The Syndicate), Lisa C. (Signed paperback of Talented), Julie O. (Signed paperback of Talented)

Pat Esden: Everyone who entered the giveaway on Pat Esden’s blog is a winner! Be sure to leave your contact information on her winner’s post.

Amanda Heger: Tammy V.

Welcome to the Spring 2016 New Adult Scavenger Hunt

Welcome to the Spring 2016 NEW ADULT SCAVENGER HUNT!!!!

NewASH Banner 7

Here’s what you have to do:

The hunt opens officially at noon U.S. Eastern Time–all posts by authors should be up then. 

During that time, you can go to the participating authors blogs and websites–you can find them here. The first thing on the page should be their hunt information, where you can find out about new authors and get exclusive content.

Take note of the highlighted number on each author’s hunt page. You need that number to enter the contest!

Each author is on either the Team BLUE, Team RED, or Team PURPLEAdd up all the numbers of the authors on the blue team to get the secret code to enter the contest for the blue team. Then do the same for the red and purple! You can find the prizes for each team here. You can only enter once, and your entry only counts if you have the right number!

You have to submit your entry by May 1st, noon, Eastern Daylight Savings Time. You can submit your entry for each team HERE.

On May 4th, we’ll announce the winners! There’s one winner for each team. The hunt IS open internationally, so you have no excuse to not join in the fun!

Still have questions? Post them in the comments here and we’ll do our best to answer them as soon as possible.

Also? We need your help! If you like the Hunt, please help spread the word. We can only do the Hunt when our readers tell us they want it, so please–spread the word!

A quick note as we kick off the celebration: The Hunt doesn’t officially begin until noon, U.S. Eastern Time. While some authors will have their material up prior to this time, not all materials in the Hunt will be up until this time.

Happy Hunting!

Spring 2016 NewASH Teams!

NewASH Banner 7

Hello Everyone! Hope you are excited as I am, because we have less than two weeks until the Spring 2016 New Adult Scavenger Hunt begins!

Here are the Spring 2016 #NewASH teams:


Team Blue S2016


Team Red S2016


Team Purple S2016

The New Adult Scavenger Hunt begins at Noon Eastern Time on Thursday, April 28th and runs through Sunday, May 1st. Be sure to check our Prizes page! 🙂

#NewASH Spring 2016 Sign Ups are OPEN for Authors

The New Adult Scavenger Hunt Sign UPS are now open!!

AUTHORS: If you have a new adult novel you wish to promote by participating in the hunt, please go to our AUTHORS page and read the requirements and instructions before filling out the form. The deadline is April 14th.

READERS: Have any favorite new adult authors? Then we encourage you to send out a shout out to your favorite authors to apply. Also, be sure to spread the word about the New Adult Scavenger Hunt (#NewASH)!

Looking forward to our second Scavenger Hunt together (April 28-May 1)!


Kelsey Ketch

2016 Hunt Schedule and New Facebook Group

Happy New Year, New Adult Fans and Authors!

We at NewAsh had an awesome 2015 with you all! And for 2016, we have a couple of resolutions we hope will grow our participants and audience. Our goal is to expand into three teams by this Fall with maybe 10 authors per team. And to do that, we need your help!

First, here is the latest schedule for the upcoming 2016 Hunts:

Spring Hunt: April 28-May 1
Schedule of Events
April 14: Deadline for authors to sign-up.
April 28: Authors’ posts go live at noon (US EST).
May 1: New Adult Scavenger Hunt ends at noon (US EST)–contests close and winners are selected.
May 4: Winners are announced.

Fall Hunt: October 26-30
Schedule of Events
October 13: Deadline for authors to sign-up.
October 26: Authors’ posts go live at noon (US EST).
October 30: New Adult Scavenger Hunt ends at noon (US EST)–contests close and winners are selected.
November 2: Winners are announced.

You’re participation and shout outs will be crucial when we get closer to these dates, so mark your calendars. In the mean time, we started a new New Adult Scavenger Hunt Facebook Group where participants (both authors and readers) of NewASH can freely provide feedback on the New Adult Scavenger Hunts as well as discuss new adult fiction. Be sure to also invite your favorite new adult authors and any friends who you think might be interested in participating.
You can also help by liking our Facebook Page or following us on Twitter. Every bit counts. And every bit helps us grow. 🙂
Kelsey Ketch

Are You a Winner of the Fall 2015 #NewASH?

4Of course! By participating in the hunt, discovering a new book to add to your TBR, reading some delicious exclusive content, and/or meeting the participating authors, you all are winners!

And, on top of that, we have some books and prizes to give away too. Winners of the NewASH team prizes have received an email from newadultscavengerhunt (at) gmail (dot) com.  Winners of any additional author giveaways can contact that author if they have not already contacted you.

BLUE TEAM : Charlotte C.*
Total : 79

GREEN TEAM : Winnie C.*
Total : 149

*You will be receiving a email later today.

AUTHOR GIVEAWAYS (Author: Winners)
Ember Shane: Michelle M.
Just Accardo: Katherine A.
Joy Penny: E-copies – Adrianna, Hilary S., Hannah M. Audiobook – Carie
Sophia Henry: Miki and Hannah M.
Deirdre Riordan Hall: Kayla T.