The Hunt is Closed until December 2018!

Are you currently stuck in the current New Adult Scavenger Hunt?

Don’t worry! Things happen: with this many people participating, there’s bound to be a broken link here or there. So, if you’re really stuck in the current hunt, you can find all the links of participating authors here…



43 thoughts on “Stuck?”

  1. Correction no one links to Marnee Blake, Stacey Mosteller or Sarah Zolton Arthur and Sarah also doesn’t have a post up.


    1. It’s there. When you click the link on her webpage, it will bring up her Facebook page. It slit up into several posts. The post with Continue the Hunt will have what you are looking for.


    1. Not sure why the site is not loading. It was working earlier today. As for FB, you should be able to view it. I was just out there on Alyssa Drake Novel’s page. If Facebook is popping up a big sign up window, you can downsize it by clicking “later” or “not now” at the bottom.


    1. No, and this is why I’m confused. It’s a public Facebook Page and anyone can view it, whether they have Facebook or not. I’ve tested it myself logged out of Facebook. What internet server are you using? How are you trying to access the page?


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