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#NewASH Spring 2017 Sign Ups are OPEN for Authors

The New Adult Scavenger Hunt Sign Ups are now OPEN for authors wishing to participate. If you have a New Adult novel you want to promote (even if you promoted in a previous hunt), please go to our AUTHORS page and read the requirements and instructions before filling out the form. The deadline is April 5th.

READERS: Help us make this the best blog hop ever by inviting your favorite New Adult authors via twitter or Facebook to apply and tag @NAScavengerHunt so we can follow them. Also, be sure to spread the word about the New Adult Scavenger Hunt to all your friends!

Looking forward to another awesome Scavenger Hunt together (April 26-30)!


Kelsey Ketch

Are You a Winner of the Spring 2015 NewASH?

Of course! By participating in the hunt, discovering a new book to add to your TBR, reading some delicious exclusive content, and/or meeting the participating authors, you all are winners!

And, on top of that, we have some books and prizes to give away too. Winners of the NewASH team prizes have received an email from newadultscavengerhunt (at) gmail (dot) com.  Winners of any additional author giveaways can contact that author if they have not already contacted you.

RED TEAM : Lynn E.
Total : 198

BLUE TEAM : Birgit L.
Total : 100, 61, 39

AUTHOR GIVEAWAYS (Author: Winners)
Nicole Zoltack: Jeanne C. and Deidre M.
Tia Louise: Melissa P. and Katy M.
Katie Young: Kassiah, Melissa P., Liz K., Tiffany J.
Deidre Mapstone: Melissa P.
Laurie Starkey: Melissa P., Katy M., Delia C., Jennifer B., Shannon B., Liz K., Natasha S.
Zoraida Córdova: Jenn W. and Delia C.